About Us

A Solution to Personalized Cancer Care

We know that…

  • No two cancers are actually the same
  • Your tumor is as individual as your fingerprint
  • When time matters most, you want options and answers
  • Quality of life matters
  • You want years instead of months
  • Breakthroughs for one patient can help accelerate solutions for many

Our goal

SpeciCare began saving live tumor tissue in 2017.  A company born out of a physician’s desire to do more, SpeciCare’s goal is to arm patients with new options, innovative solutions, time and quality of life through the storage of live tumor tissue by freezing it in a viable (living) state, making it available for individual, patient-directed research and clinical testing. SpeciCare’s live tumor tissue banking process enables access to previously inaccessible innovative testing, clinical trials and cutting-edge therapies to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Our Vision

Empowering Cancer Patients

Providing Hope

Improving Outcomes

“In today’s growing revolution of personalized cancer therapies, saving as much available tumor tissue from each patient is now more important than ever. Discarding valuable tumor tissue is no longer an option and keeping as much of it as possible is needed to derive critical data to drive the best treatment decisions. SpeciCare is uniquely positioning itself to be a central hub to acquire, process, and bank tumors from individual patients to derive critical genetic and functional data guiding not only more individualized therapies but also as a valuable source of tissue for research on more highly effective cancer therapies.”


past senior vice president and head of Immuno-Oncology Research at EMD Serono
and current chair SpeciCare Advisory Board

One for Many:

We believe that the way to improve the medical care of the many is to focus on the care of the individual patient. However, we firmly believe that the research for one, has the power to impact many.  So by storing your tissue with us you you not only have the power to create new options for yourself, but you have created new opportunities in research to influence to the lives of others.


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