Storing Your Tissue

The SpeciCare Process

SpeciCare collects, processes and stores live (viable) and fixed (non-viable) tumor tissue for all types of cancers in multiple formats for physician and patient-directed use to create new treatment opportunities and clinically actionable research information back to our patients.

Step 1

You will speak with our patient advocate to discuss your case details, sign our SpeciDirective to take personal ownership of your tumor tissue, and SpeciConsent. The patient advocate can also answer any questions you have about how to use your tissue once saved and collected.

Step 2

Our SpeciKit® will be mailed to your home, hotel or physician for use day of surgery. They should be stored in a refrigerator until used.

Step 3

You will bring the kit with you the day of surgery for your surgeon to use upon removing your tumor. Simple instructions will outline the process for the surgeon to collect and ship your tumor back to us. Please make sure instructions are closely followed to ensure the best results.

Step 4

Once your SpeciKit® is received back to us we will send you a report from a board-certified pathologist at the lab indicating the volume of stored tissue that was harvested, successfully preserved and ready for your use.

Step 5

Included in our service are consultations with SpeciCare patient advocates and experts who can help educate, guide and direct living tumor usage by you and your referring physician.

Our unique process developed with SpeciCare takes living tissue from the patient to preserve in several formats, thereby maximizing opportunities for the specimens use for the patient’s benefit. This biological material is preserved using state-of-the art cryopreservation methods similar to those used by industry-leading biorepositories and in vitro fertilization clinics worldwide. All specimens are reviewed by ASCP-certified Cytotechnologists and Pathologists in order to determine the content and quality of preserved specimens.

We are pleased with the process that has been developed because it empowers the patient to take part in their own outcomes. By preserving cells and tissue from the patient and giving them ownership of the specimens, they become an active participant in the treatment process. We are very excited to be able to provide this service to the patient through our work with SpeciCare and hope that by increasing the availability of high-quality specimens, cancer treatment can evolve to a more informed and targeted process at the individual level.


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