Why go beyond the standard of care?

The field of precision medicine is quickly evolving. Let us help connect you to personalized research for your clinical benefit and differentiate your practice as being on the forefront of creating cancer treatment options for your patients through live tissue storage for your individual patient. We partner with you to make tissue storage an easy option to consider in your care plan helping your patients not only feel more optimistic about treatment, but allowing you more positive opportunities for you to present during the treatment process.

Currently, only three percent of patients are placed in clinical trials. While the individual patient may benefit from participation, the ultimate purpose of that clinical trial is to create new treatment options for the patient of the future. We hope individualizing clinical trial participation and returning information back to the patient will help shift research to focus more on the patients of today. This will also allow the 85 percent of patients being treated in their local community access to leading-edge solutions that transcend geographic boundaries and can be delivered locally with the patient’s clinical care team.

“We are undergoing a dramatic shift in how we treat cancer into a more personalized approach tailored on the unique characteristics of each cancer patient. To drive this revolution, we need systems in place that makes use of critical biological data from each patients’ tumor tissue to drive the best treatment decisions. SpeciCare understands this critical need and their tumor acquisition and banking systems will be instrumental in driving this new cancer treatment paradigm especially in the community care setting allowing more patients a chance to get the best care possible.”


past senior vice president and head of Immuno-Oncology Research at EMD Serono
and current chair SpeciCare Advisory Board

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